Lake Carnegie Pageant


Art, Ecology & Community Engagement: Social Practice Art & Environmental Action

Lake Carnegie Pageant is a social action art project developed as a course by Felicia Young, Founder/Executive Director of Earth Celebrations, who was appointed to faculty at Princeton University as a Guest Artist. She developed an ecological social action art course/project for Princeton University through the Princeton Atelier Program of the Lewis Center for the Arts, “Art, Ecology, and Community: A Lake Carnegie Pageant”. The course/project engages students through social practice art and methods of creative community engagement, to build partnerships engaging local cultural and environmental organizations, schools, community and campus groups, as well as local artists, residents, youth, and students. The workshops and creative community-building process culminate in an ecological theatrical pageant featuring a procession of mobile visual art, giant puppets, and spectacular costumes with site-specific performances of dance, music, theater, and poetry to highlight and positively impact the species and habitat of Lake Carnegie and the watershed.


The Arts Council of Princeton
The Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association is a partner on the course and project through the Princeton Environmental Institute (PEI)
Michele Brody, ecological visual artist, is the collaborating guest artist along with Felicia Young for the Princeton Atelier course.
Lucrecia Novoa, a master mask-maker and puppeteer, will be leading the community workshops for teens and adults through the Arts Council of Princeton on Saturdays 1-5pm, March-April.