The New York City Garden Preservation Coalition

Document written: 1/97

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What is the New York City Garden Preservation Coalition?

The New York City Garden Preservation Coalition is a network of gardeners, community members, local schools, religious institutions, community centers and organizations working together to preserve the network of community gardens in New York City. The Lower East Side Garden Preservation Coalition was founded in November 1994, to explore the possibility of forming a Land Trust and other preservation options, such as Permanent Site Status. In December of 1996, we reached out to gardeners throughout the city, including: Harlem, the Bronx, Brooklyn, and the Upper West Side of Manhattan, all communities facing the threat of destruction to their gardens, and formed the New York City Garden Preservation Coalition.

Due The New York City Garden Preservation Coalition as a unified voice of diverse gardens and people with various approaches to preserving the gardens, provides the necessary powerful constituency of thousands of people that is needed to preserve the gardens and the ecological and cultural heritage of the neighborhood.

What is a Land Trust?

A non-profit organization of community representatives legally empowered to act on behalf of the community, to campaign for the transfer of lands to the Land Trust, for permanent protection and preservation as natural open spaces. The Land Trust while legally protecting and insuring that the land will forever remain as a community garden, allows each garden to have its own garden life and rules, in which the Land Trust has no jurisdiction and does not interfere. Since the City owns the land and will not hand over the land to individuals, the Land Trust offers a legal and non-profit mechanism by which the community can truly protect the land and its specified use as a garden forever. There are examples of successful Land Trusts formed to protect community gardens in Boston and Philadelphia.

What is permanent site status?

Permanent Site Status provides an officially designated status of protection under the Parks Department. However, this designated status can be revoked should development become a priority. As the 6th & B Garden received Permanent Site Status in May 1996, this may prove to be a viable and easier option. Trust For Public Land can answer questions at (212) 677-7171.

Why a Land Trust and Permanent Site Status?

It is a fact that many of the gardens are currently threatened by development plans. 9th & C, 10th BC and Green Oasis gardens all are on a list for proposed housing sites, ABC garden was destroyed for a development project in January 1996, and leases now clearly state that they can only remain on the site until a development project begins construction.

As the entire neighborhood is targeted for development projects,  some that would displace the low-income community, and would destroy the peace, tranquility, a vital open space that is necessary for a livable community, a Land Trust, among other options such as Permanent Site and Parks Department status, are solutions to save the gardens permanently.

Since November 1994, The New York City Garden Preservation Coalition has been working on this proposal, a collaborative effort of hundreds of gardeners and over 5,000 thousand community supporters. The full land trust proposal includes photos, history and information of these locations, as well as a video tape.

These gardens provide an invaluable natural, as well as cultural resource, for thousands of people in the community, including: needed open space, fresh air, trees, and flowers; outdoor environmental and gardening classes for school children; multi-cultural centers, featuring theater, music, arts programs, public festivals and events; inter-faith churches for religious  ceremonies, weddings and funerals; healing centers for seniors, the handicapped, and those dying of AIDS; and a place to grow vegetables, needed food supplements for many people.

The gardens have also removed the drug dealers from these former untended vacant lots, removed sites of toxic waste dumping, reduced crime by attracting children on the streets and engaging them in a positive life affirming activity, and relieved tensions that exist between the diverse cultural and special interest  groups by uniting people through nature to get to know one another and discover their common interests and goals.

As The New York City Administration Further Slashes The Budget For Social Services, Why Destroy The Gardens That Are Providing Millions Of Dollars Worth Of Social Services To The Community For Free?

The gardens have thousands of supporters in the community who believe that the gardens’ environmental, social, and cultural positive impact for the past 25 years in the community can not  be destroyed. To destroy these ecological treasures, would only ruin the quality of life and value of the neighborhood for everyone. In addition, open space only increases the value of surrounding real estate, so for real estate developers and city planners not to recognize the value of what already exists is short-sighted.

The magnificent New York City Gardens are an ecological landmark, recognized world-wide. They contribute not only to the  health, well-being, peace, and beauty of the community, but also contribute to the economic prosperity and value of the neighborhood. The New York City Garden Land Trust and other preservation options offers the community a resource that benefits the rehabilitation of th entire neighborhood, that can truly serve the people by protecting their quality of life they have strived to create over the past 20 years, the value of the neighborhood, and an exemplary city model  of ecological balance for the 21st century.



  • New York City Garden Preservation Coalition, Manhattan (includes over 50 gardens)
  • Dome Garden, Upper West Side, Manhattan
  • La Perla Garden, Upper West Side, Manhattan
  • Pegassus Garden, Upper West Side, Manhattan
  • 104th Street Garden, Upper West Side , Manhattan
  • Project Harmony, Harlem, Manhattan
  • Circle of Hope Garden, Park Slope, Brooklyn
  • Mermaid Garden, Coney Island, Brooklyn
  • The Dug Out, Coney Island, Brooklyn
  • Bears Garden, Brooklyn
  • Childrens Garden of Eden, Coney Island, Brooklyn
  • Cherry Tree Association, South Bronx

Following organizations are members, supporters, and endorsers of the New York City Garden Preservation Coalition


  • Learning Alliance
  • Challenge For Those Who Dare
  • Henry Street Settlement
  • Lower East Side Anti-Displacement Project
  • 600BC East 9th Street Block Association
  • 6th Street Community Center
  • 5th Street Block Association
  • Sirovich Senior Center
  • Immigrant Rights Association


  • PS61 Elementary School
  • PS 64 Elementary School
  • Children’s Workshop School
  • The Earth School
  • Little Mission Day Care
  • Lower East Side School


  • Trust for Public Land (Technical Assistance)
  • Global Education Associates
  • Greenpeace
  • Save the Animals/Save the Earth
  • Wetlands Preserve
  • Lawyers Alliance (Technical Assistance)


  • Theater For The New City
  • Open Center
  • Collective Unconscious
  • Gargoyle Mechanique
  • Hit and Run Theater
  • 9th Street Theater
  • R.A.P. Studios
  • Little Molasses Theater Company


  • East 7th Street Baptist Ministry
  • Evangelical Christian Church
  • Middle Collegiate Church After-School Program
  • Park Slope United Methodist Church
  • Russian Orthodox Cathedral
  • St. Brigid’s Church & School
  • Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Parish
  • Jews For Racial and Economic Justice
  • 8th Street Shul