Participating Artists



14th Annual Rites of Spring: Procession to Save Our Gardens
Conceived, Produced, & Directed by Felicia Young
Coordinator/ Pageant Day Direction: Suzanne Ackerman
Workshop Directors/Artists-in-Residence: Lucrecia Novoa, Nikki Traino, Claudia Keel
Interns: Rachel Berger, Christina Chanter, Line Chevalier, Guilia Fleishman, Psyche Gonzalez, Linda Casey and Rawana Shepard.
All make-up designs adn implementations have been organized and provided by Eve Prince, Make-up Director and Fred Hatt, Assistant Make-up Director plus their fabulous rotating star studded make-up crews since 1992
To join the mae-up crew for this years pageant contact:
Eve Prince at

Costumes – Felicia Young, Anna Belous, Daria Deshuk, Audrey Chibbaro, Jennifer Barrett, Ayako Sajii, Barbara Augsburger, Maria Popson, Nikki Traino
Make-up – Eve Prince (Director), Fred Hatt, with Savah Schwab , Rawana Shepard, Gise Oliveria
Seasonal Staffs – Michelle Lombard and Earth Celebrations Volunteers
Gaia Spheres – Diana Vivante / Gaia Sculpture – Julianne Swartz
Elemental Puppets – Lucrecia Novoa & Earth Celebrations Volunteers
Wildflower Puppets: Felicia Young & Earth Celebrations Volunteers
All Species Puppet – Shannon Harvey
Jardinia Puppet – Janet Morgan & Earth Celebrations Volunteers
Gardener Puppet – Felicia Young, Anna Belous & Volunteers

MUSIC: An 8-Hour Mobile Multi-Cultural Musical Collage
Hungry March Band – Directed by Chris Anton: 10am-12:30pm
Ginga Pura – Samba Band – Directed by Glenn Healy: 1 pm-4 pm
La 21 Division: Gaga Directed by Maria Terrero – African Dominican: 4 pm-6 pm
Conch Players – Lambi – Alexander La Salle & Ernesto Rodriguez: All day

Tree Spirits of the Garden: created by children of East Village School under the direction of Claudia Keel, assisted by Earth Celebrations interns Linda Casey and Rawana Shepard.

NY Cares, NYU Community Service, NYU-Stern Cares/Scholars, One Brick, Outward Bound, Circle K, Americorps /Jumpstart, Aveda, Bard High School, Hunter College, WOLF Program, Kensington High School, Philadelphia , PA, Collective: Unconscious.

Pageant Day-Lead Parade Marshals: Amy Falder & Rick Vazquez Mythic Drama Pageant Day Director: Michelle Manning
Brandy Crawford, Alexis Sottille, Tim Becker, Steven Libby, Felisa Sheshkin, Mark Weber, Dennis Lucido, Pitchaya Sudbanthad, Makrand Bhoot, Rawana Shepard, Judd Schectman, Edie Stone, Linda Casey, Line Chevalier, Angela Degiamo, Tony Taylor, Irmgarde Taylor, Amy Ferrara, Judith Ginzberg, Elizabeth Ruf, Rapheal Diaz, AE Hamilton, Joan Mendelsohn, Jennifer Nuccio, Aimee Althoff, Gregory Hutchings, Michael Lennicx, Gise Oliviera, Kristinna Acevedo, Kitling Wong, Tara Passik, Christy Riess, Raelyn Grogan, Elaine Saly, Eliav Shtull-Trauring, Cat Marshall, Savah Scwab, Hannah Harris, Stephanie Adams, Jodi Malone, Nathan Corbin, Lars Chellberg, Aaron Goldsmith

Erik Dahl, Tiffany Wos, Lisa Parise, Tricia Hanudel, Dina Hamacui, Mary Devone, Jesse Ainslie, Maria Popson, Oona Ibar, Molly Holm, Rose Kim, Beth Kao, Martin Navarette, Jennifer Upchurch, Maux Kelly, JK Canepa. Aarik Urbanis, Maia Ibar, Steven Ackerman, Lygia de Castro, Ray Michel, Diana Alutto, Amy Shapiro, Nikki Traino, Jenni Marquiss, Lucrecia Novoa, Jian Li, Dawn Deluca, Barbara Augsberger, Jeff Ryan, Steve Clofine

VIDEO: Alfredo Cervantes, Hugh Gran, Daniel Marraccino
PHOTOGRAPHY: Christopher Butt, Vince Eng, Gise Oliveira, Randy Ng, Dennis Sivack, Benjamin Schellpfeffer, Simon Benepe

BIRTH & MARRIAGE OF GAIA – La Plaza Cultural (9th Street & Avenue C, SW corner)
Orator – Elizabeth Ruf
Trash Monster – Chris Campbell
Birth & Marriage Music: Ginga Pura Samba Band with Glenn Healy (Director)
Recyclers – Directed By: Brandy Crawford & Amy Ferrara with Children from Lower East Side Girls Club with Jenny Dembrow
Garden Cape – Michael Friedman, Talia Young and the WOLF Program, Kensington High School, Philadelphia , PA
Wildflower Dance – Harambee Dance & Drum (with Frank Malloy-Director)
Opera – Composed and performed by Leslie Goldman
Birth of Gaia – students from Bard High School
Wedding Ring – Julianne Swartz
Belly Dancers – Alisa Philips, Susan Bercaw, Esmahan, Alura
Kidnappers – Alexis Sottile (Director), Ali Hussein, Collective Unconsciousness.
Noisemakers – Carlucci (Director),
Robots – Dan Green with Collective: Unconsciousness

M’finda Kalunga Garden – Reading, Susan Bell
Adam Purple’s Garden of Eden Memorial – Poem by Fred Baer, read by Judy Sky
Liz Christy Garden – Poem, Steve Dalchinsky
Alberts Garden – Poem, “Albert’s Garden” composed and read by Marsha Newfield
Kenkelaba House Garden – Song, by Judy Sky
Peachtree Garden – Song, “Fossils” written and performed by Ginger O’Neill & Remy de LaRoque
Umbrella Garden Memorial – Song, Martha Dann
9th St. Ave. C Garden – Dance, Julie Troost; & Motion Sculpture-Claire Barrett
Dias Y Flores Garden – Song, “A Garden is Waiting” composed and performed by Heather Lev
– Song, “Dias Y Flores” by Silvio Rodriguez, performed by the Dias Y Flores Gardeners
El Sol Brillante Garden – Song, “EnviroSiren” by Jules Cazedessus
Children’s Garden – Song, Bryan & Marcy Gordon
10BC Garden Memorial – Flute Performance, Andrea LaRose
De Colores Garden- Dance, “Garbage Mice” Choreographed and performed
by Alie Vidich & Melinda Moskal, Music by Mark Weiger
Bello Amancer – Flute Performance, Andrea LaRose
Jardin De La Esperanza Garden Memorial – Memorial Poem, Rachel Rosses
Creative Little Garden – Poem, “A Quilt for Françoise Chachelin” composed and read by Marsha Newfield
6BC Botanical Garden – Poem, Written and Performed by Diana Kline
Stannard Diggs Garden Memorial – Memorial Statement, Sandra Allen
Generation X Garden – Poem, Edwin Alberto Santana

BUTTERFLY ANGEL FLIES – 6th St. & Ave B Garden
Butterfly Angel – flown & music by Steve Jones
Motion Sculpture – Claire Barrett
Dance – Potri Ranks Manis, Nonilon Queano, Aziza Amira, Malaika Queano, Kim Toscano
Saxophone – Okkon Yokoyama

Direction & Choreography – Brandy Crawford, Judith Ginzberg, Eilzabeth Ruf
Music – Written Allen Roda
Butterfly Queen – Elizabeth Ruf
Butterfly Children – Numerous children from the East Village
Tree Spirits of the Garden – created & performed by children of East Village School
Belly Dance – Alisa Phillips
Celebration Dance – Sweet Sensations Dance Group – Directed by Sharice Vadon

Closing Ceremony – Shaman – Steven Clofine
Gaia Song – Written and performed by Chris Campbell
Butterfly Release -Elizabeth Ruf with Butterfly Children
Butterfly & Closing Music – Love Alien Band