Earth Celebrations 

Engaging Communities to Effect Ecological and Social Change through the Arts

Photo Credit: William Bourassa Jr.

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MISSION–Earth Celebrations is a non-profit organization, founded by social action artist Felicia Young in 1991 in New York City, engaging communities to effect ecological and social change through the arts. Earth Celebrations’ programs address and generate change on issues such as: climate change, river restoration, species and habitat conservation, waste management, and the preservation of community gardens, parks, and a healthy urban environment. Founder/Executive Director Felicia Young has developed a successful methodology of ‘social practice’, utilizing the arts, along with civic engagement and environmental action. Our socially engaged arts projects build broad-based citywide coalitions and collaborative partnerships bringing together environmental organizations, academic and cultural institutions, municipalities, government agencies, schools, community centers, neighborhood associations, artists and local residents, to work together creatively on common goals, mobilize action, develop solutions and impact change.

Programs include: public collaborative visual art and performance projects, theatrical pageants/processions, exhibitions, ecological art workshops, internships, artist residencies, advocacy initiatives, coalition/partnership building, and community engagement actions. More information here.


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Social Action Art Projects for Ecological Change 

Vaigai River Restoration Project – Madurai, South India

Social Action Art & Community Engagement Project 

Earth Celebrations applies its strategies of arts, community engagement, and environmental action, now in a global context to mobilize an international and collaborative effort to restore the Vaigai River in Madurai, South India that is in a severe crisis due to pollution, waste dumping, and the drying effects of climate change. Click here for more information and to support this exciting and important project.

Photo Credit: The Hindu

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Hudson River Restoration Social Action Art & Community Engagement Project 

Documentary by Fredrik Lassenius & Karen Brucker. Watch here or click for YouTube.

Hudson River Restoration Social Action Art & Community Engagement Project  (2009-2012) engaged residents, youth, students, schools and local river, environmental, cultural and community organizations in a creative collaboration and culminating performance action to connect community with restoration and revitalization efforts of the Hudson River Estuary and waterfront in Lower Manhattan. More information here.

Save Our Gardens:
A Social Action Art Project & Preservation Effort


Save our Gardens Social Action Art & Preservation Project (1991-2005) engaged broad-based participation of community gardeners, artists, residents, youth, community, cultural and environmental organizations, schools, churches, colleges, city officials, activists, celebrities, academics, attorneys, and inspired individuals, mobilizing a grass-roots coalition and effort which led to the preservation of hundreds of community gardens on the Lower East Side and throughout New York City.